Whirlwind in New York City // Part I

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As you’re probably aware by now, I spent the last few days up in New York. I went up to visit family that lives in upstate New York,  and took a quick day trip into the city. While I could go on and on for days about the inspiration my grandmother’s victorian dollhouse provided (you should see the wallpaper and chandeliers!), I’m so excited today to bring you inside our 12-hour whirlwind trip in the city.

While it may not be exciting for some who frequent or live there, it was my first trip to the city as an adult, so naturally, I was over excited. I spent the majority of the week prior mapping out exactly where I wanted to go to make sure I could fit it all in. So without further adieu, here is how we spent the first half of our 12 hours in New York City!

We caught the 6am train from upstate New York into the city, and got in just as the sun came up and the morning rush hour was commencing. We ran off the train at Penn station and headed straight for the Empire State Building. Cliché, I know, but as a first timer, it felt justified. Luckily, we beat all the crowds there, and went straight on up to the 86th floor. The views were breathtaking (and so was the wind, literally). It was the perfect way to set the scene for what was ahead of us in the hours to come!

Next on my list: the Flatiron Building. Maybe not the coolest thing in the city, but definitely one of the most photogenic! After heading that way and taking a seat in Madison Square Park (yes, my feet were already hurting), we then mapped out our plan to head into Soho for the afternoon. Enter: my first time figuring out the metro on my own! Ryan even said he was impressed with my navigational skills – kind of a big deal.

We hopped on the subway and headed down to Noho – as our stomachs were growling and I was in major need of some caffeine. I had done some research beforehand, and pinpointed Lafayette as the place I wanted to head for breakfast. A little slice of Paris right in NYC? Yes, please. It smelled heavenly as soon as we walked in past the blue velvet curtains – fresh baguettes and pains au chocolat awaited us! We grabbed a seat right by the window and sipped our lattes (one of the best I’ve ever had) and watched the hustle bustle continue outside.

I’d set aside the rest of the afternoon to wander aimlessly and shop around Soho – I knew I would get easily sidetracked there. And by that I mean I made Ryan walk down almost every street while I hunted for the perfect building to take a picture of – they’re all so gorgeous!! We strolled in and out of Zimmermann, Saint Laurent, Carven, and Chloé, admiring some of the most beautiful fashion I’d only been able to see on the runways. Let me tell you – it’s just as stunning in person! If I wasn’t in love with Zimmermann before, I definitely am now.

Believe it or not, all of this was just before noon! I wasn’t kidding about a whirlwind trip. I’m so excited to take you into the second half of our day on Friday – so stay tuned and check back then to see what we got into for lunch (one of the yummiest ever) and what the moment was where NYC completely stole my heart.

Photos by Ryan Sides


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