Trends to Try

trends to try

During warmer months I tend to stick to trends that are easy and I know work for me – shorts, boyfriend jeans, v-neck tees, and flats basically become my uniform. With the hottest days of the year just ahead, I am committing to trying out a few new trends that are easy and guaranteed to keep me just as cool. While they are definitely a little edgier than I usually gravitate towards, I’m making this summer a season to try out these fun looks seen on the runway. 
trends to try 1Crop tops and knee to mid length skirts have been all the rage this spring and summer. While I haven’t gotten into the look quite yet, I think that as the weather warms up I can get completely behind embracing a boxier, more sophisticated crop top. The higher waist on skirts we’re seeing this season combined with a structured crop tops makes baring your midriff seem less like middle school and more like high fashion.

trend to try 2Incase I’m not brave (or toned) enough to completely expose my midriff this summer, there is a more conservative option on trend this season that gives the same feel. Sheer cut-outs are huge for spring and summer, whether it be on the bottom of a skirt, the middle of a dress, or the sleeves of a sweater. It’s a nice alternative to baring it all, and can even be elevated enough to wear for a classy night out to dinner or on the town.

trend to try 3

One trend I haven’t even been into in the past is the high contrast of wearing black and white. I usually go for a monochromatic look of one or the other, or mix it with gray. However, I’m loving the head to toe graphic prints we are seeing in black and white. Mixing it together all over, as opposed to an all white top and all black bottom paired, makes the contrast much more subtle, and makes the whole look more streamlined and classic.