Jewelry Trends to Try


With the evolution of ‘fast-fashion’, and how quickly new trends become available to us, it can sometimes be overwhelming to figure out what styles actually appeal and work for us. At the beginning of summer, I narrowed down the trends of the season I wanted to try (you can see my list here), and as I was shopping, it made it so much easier to hone in on what I was really interested in. There are so many new jewelry trends popping up lately, that I’ve put together another version of my trends to try just for my accessories. Here are my favorites that made it onto my list.

ear jackets

Crystal Baguette Ear Jackets $28

Cairo Ear Jackets $28

Crystal Arc Ear Jacket $30

flash tattoos

Lena Flash Tattoos $22 

 Zahra Flash Tattoos $22 

Sofia Flash Tattoos $22

ear cuffs

Vortex Pearl Ear Cuff $28

Droplet Ear Cuff $30

 Script Ear Cuff $120