Spring Wrapping

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It occurred to me recently that with as much as I enjoy wrapping presents at Christmas time (seen here), I should carry that same enthusiasm for making my packages pretty throughout the whole year. I don’t typically think of springtime as a huge gift giving season, and therefore usually resort to a boring and cliche paper for any birthday/mother’s day/spontaneous gift. I decided this year my gifts will be thoughtfully wrapped year round, instead of just at the holidays. Here’s a look at how I wrapped up my springtime candies this past weekend, and how to do it yourself at home.


Gather supplies. You’ll need:

brown wrapping paper

lace ribbon

pastel ribbon

twine (natural and/or colored)

single stem silk flower

floral wire

coordinating card stock

paper and tape


Wrap up your gift in a box (I was giving out little baggies of my favorite Easter candies). Wrap in brown wrapping paper.


Wrap lace around box first and secure at bottom with tape. Next, layer the pastel ribbon on top of lace and secure at bottom with tape in same place. (It helps to tape each end down separately, instead of taping them together.) Continue this method with the twine.


Cut flower off of stem. Secure floral wire to stem of flower. Wrap several times, then tuck underneath silk ribbon and twine. Pull flower tight to box, then wrap again around stem of flower. Cut off excess wire.


Cut a coordinating tag out of card stock to personalize and attach with twine to ribbon.

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  1. 1 April 2014 / 9:38 am

    So beautiful and creative! Thanks for sharing 🙂