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Since it’s now been a few months since The M.A. Times has shifted into a primarily fashion-focused blog, as well as its most recent site redesign, I wanted to take an opportunity to introduce everyone to its new and improved features over the last few months! With the most shopping-heavy part of the year on the horizon, it’s so important to me that this site makes shopping as hassle free and streamlined as possible!

Starting the tour off with the post itself, I’ll always do my best to link either the exact product or the most similar product currently available so that you can shop the look directly from the post. You can either click the pictures in the sliding gallery below, or on the descriptive links themselves. It will bring you straight to a shoppable retail page!

If you hop over to the my SHOP page on the top menu bar, you will find a collaboration of all of my favorites! You can either shop by what I am most currently obsessing over, or shop by category: beauty, home, accessories, and amazing finds for under $100.¬†Here, designer and price will display on hover, and then click the image itself to head to see the full details! Keep an eye on this page getting into the holidays – I’ll be sure to update it with all sorts of my top gift picks!

If you head over to the home page and scroll down to look at the side bar on the right, there are a few sections here to help you in your shopping adventure! First, you’ll see a “SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG” section. Enter your email here so you can be the first to know when a new post is live, and you can shop before the pieces sell out! Next, under “SHOP THE FEED”, you can click on any of the images (pulled from my Instagram) and shop the exact look I’m wearing in just one click. Below that, you’ll find my “LUXURY LIST” – items that I can only dream about, or treat myself to one or two of a year. Feel free to dream along with me!

Finally, if all else fails, a list of some of my favorite places to shop are found towards the bottom of the page. This list ranges from Nordstrom to TopShop, and from Fashion BNKR to ShopBop. Follow these links¬†and you are sure to find something that suits your little heart’s desire! Hopefully this mini tour of The M.A. Times has made it easier for you to navigate the site, and constantly keep up to date with the newest and latest trends!

Photos by Ryan Sides


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