(Hydrangeas + Ranunculus – a combination worth drooling over) This weekend was my first off work since my move, and my first without any plans in a while. We took a road trip one day to visit Ry’s grandparents and family, and I spent the next surrounded by and relaxing with mine. It was nice to not have any plans…
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Rosemary Butter Cookies

I have to admit – I didn’t believe the hype. For the last few weeks, Pinterest has been full of lavender cupcakes, mint leaf icecubes, rosemary pancakes, and the list of herbs + sweets combinations goes on. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but in my mind, if something was a dessert, every ingredient in it should be sweet. It all changed…
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Carrot Cake Cupcakes

I’ve already expressed on several occasions how much I am looking forward to Fall. However, while it’s still eighty-five degrees outside (on a cool day), and people are walking around in shorts and sandals, even I know that it’s not appropriate to break out the pumpkin pies and apple cider just yet. That’s when I stumbled across this delicious recipe…
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The Last Week

(One benefit to jumping the seasons: this cozy blanket on sale from last year) My mom used to make fun of me for my lack of attachment to objects, memories, or places. She used to find birthday cards in my trash can, or see me skip out on photo opportunities and lecture me on my lack of sentiment. After packing…
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Weekend Rewind

(Date night cheese platter inspired by one seen here) This weekend has been amazing. Between getting to see my parents twice, having a day off work, and wrapping up the bulk of my packing, I would say it was a success. At this point my life is in boxes with exception to the bare essentials (which naturally includes my stand…
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Life: Recently

(The coolest hanging lanterns at Guglhupf that will somehow be incorporated into my next home) It’s only mid-July and I have already caught myself craving Fall. ┬áMaybe its the blistering hot, humid days that make you want to do nothing but sit inside, or the fact that its been raining every day for the last week (with not near enough…
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