One Dress, Three Ways

When taking the plunge on purchasing something new for my wardrobe, I always ask myself the cost per wear question. Will I be able get enough use out of this item to make it worth the price tag? If the answer is no, as much as I love something, I will usually walk away. However, if I can see myself styling a piece several different ways, or reaching for it on a daily basis, then it will be a strong contender to be coming home with me.

When I saw this Anthropologie blazer dress on the hanger, I was immediately drawn to it. It was so playful and chic yet sophisticated at the same time, which is exactly what my style mantra has always been. While I knew it was love at first sight, I wasn’t sure at first if I would be able to justify the almost $150 price tag (prior to the sale). It wasn’t until I got into the fitting room and started playing around with the dress that I discovered it’s versatility.

A first I pulled it on over my head, leaving the buttons buttoned, assuming the gray underneath was just a sewn in tank. It wasn’t until I went to take it off I realized the buttons unbuttoned, and there was a full front dress underneath! A business look just turned into something I would wear out to brunch with girlfriends on the weekend. Sold! Once I got the to register, the sweetest associate at Anthropologie at Durham let me in on a little secret – the dress could actually be worn a third way by pulling the tank dress down, and wearing just the vest – very “oh-la-la” and date night approriate!

If you’ve been looking for a unique LBD that can literally carry you through so many occasions, I couldn’t recommend this one enough. You’ve got office, casual, and formal wear all tied into one dress. Suddenly the $150 price tag isn’t looking so bad! Best part of this story, is the dress is NOW ON SALE FOR $90! See below for all the details on how to shop.

Photos by Ryan Sides

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