Magic of Dressing

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I’ve always had such a fascination with fashion. I remember being five years old with my sister and digging through our big wooden trunk of dress up clothes. I always had to have the black tutu with the glitter polka dots – any good fashionista had a least one tutu in her wardrobe after all! There was something about rummaging through that trunk that was so magical and had the power to turn around any bad day.

Fast forward twenty years later, I still feel the same way about walking into my closet. No matter what’s going on, I’m still convinced the the perfect outfit or pair of shoes has the ability to fix anything! All it takes is slipping into my favorite dress or comfiest tee shirt, even if I’m doing nothing but sitting at home, and my mood drastically increases.

That’s just how I felt putting on this skirt and top combination. I picked it up from Anthropologie at Durham a couple of weeks ago, and had been saving it for the right time. After having a long couple of weeks, I was in search of something to turn the day around. I changed into this look after work one day this week, and as soon as I put it on, I was instantly feeling happier and more cheerful.

Maybe it was the bright colors, or maybe it was the playful floral pattern on the top, but something about this look pulled me out of my rut. It’s probably just a placebo effect, but regardless, the five year-old in me remains convinced that the right amount of lace, sparkle, or color can fix just about anything!

Photos by Ryan Sides




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