Living Room Update: Inspiration


In just a few weeks I’ll be moving to a new apartment – although it doesn’t feel that way since my new floor plan will be exactly the same as my current one. To help the place feel fresh and new, I’ve been looking into different ways to arrange a living room. My seating plan in my current house is focused entirely on the location of the television. My sofa and everything else in the room faces the entertainment area. In my new place, I want to mix it up a bit and create more of an open gathering space. I want to create a seating arrangement that is inviting, and allows for more interactions with people than with the television. One thing I know I’ll be changing for certain is the furniture set up (which all of these pictures have in common), but I’ve highlighted a few additional things I love that are currently inspiring┬ámy living room decor planning.

P.S. Stay tuned in a few weeks when I share how my living room turned out!

livingroom3living room 4livingroom5

Inspiration photos found here, here, here, and here.