Lately on Instagram


It was another snow day for us here in Raleigh, NC, and as much as I’d like to say my being cooped up inside led to extreme productivity, all I can report is a day full of watching Hulu. I had every intention of waking up and preparing myself a banana baked oatmeal casserole, but after spending 30 minutes in line at the store last night (along with everyone else waiting to stock up for the storm at the last minute), I realized I forgot oats – the main ingredient. That was the start of my productivity fading, and it was only downhill from there.

I can’t complain though – the unexpected day off was nice to catch up on some sleep, de-stress, and catch up on social media. Here’s a little peek at what’s been happening on my Instagram lately – be sure to following along with The M.A. Times everyday here.