DIY Painted Pots


Ever since I posted this last week, I’ve been searching for ways to incorporate more neutrals and pops of white into my decor. My original plan was to decorate these pots in the gold leafing I used here, but then decided that a more natural, fresh white paint was look I was wanting. The process was easy and quick (watching the paint dry was the hardest part), and the combination of the terra-cotta, white, and greenery, adds a very spring feel to my place. Here’s how to make the pots at home yourself.

photo 1-128

Gather supplies. You’ll need:

– three terra-cotta pots + saucers

– small white (semi-gloss) paint

– foam brush

– three plants/flowers of your choice

– thick paper, scissors, pencils, and tape (for stencil making)

– weatherproofing spray (if you’ll choose to use these planters outside)

photo 2-135

Cut out the shapes you’ll want to use. I decided to go with polka-dots, triangles, and a single stripe. I used objects laying around the house to create the shapes. Cut out so that where you’ll want to paint is empty (see below).


Tape your stencil onto the pot. Use a very thin coat of paint, and be sure to press down edges of stencil so that no paint seeps under paper. Let dry for a few moments, remove, and repeat. Wipe off back of stencil after each use incase any paint got onto opposite side.

photo 1-129

Let pots dry. Spray with weatherproofing spray in this step. Plant plants according to instructions.

painted pots1

Plants I used (left to right): Hen and Chicks ‘Hardy Species Mix’, Stonecrop ‘Angelina’, and Stonecrop ‘Fuldaglut’

photo 3-109