(Summer Bucket List)

This week was one of those that was so long and so packed full of ups and downs that it seemed to go on for two weeks. It was more important than ever this week that I made time for some fun – aka checking things off our summer to-do list. Though summer officially started last week, it feels as if we are already behind, and have only crossed off a shamefully low number on this list. We’ve blown bubbles, barbecued, picnicked, and gone to the beach – and I am looking forward to hopefully crossing off watching fireworks and maybe a couple more on the Fourth. Here are some of the things currently keeping me happy (including a successful attempt at pie pops, which I must say are much less daunting than cake pops). Happy week ahead!

photo 4

(Festive pie pops in preparation for the fourth of July)

photo 3

(The cutest tea set my mom gave me for my birthday)

(A freshly popped pick me up – my new favorite guilty pleasure)*

photo 2

(Homemade nutter butters that I ate way too many of)


*Thanks to A Beautiful Mess for their awesome photo editing app!


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