(A buttercup handpicked by Ry)
My vacation this week was exactly what I was hoping for. It was the perfect combination of a little work and a lot of play,  all with no real agenda. I slept in, relaxed, watched movies, and ate probably more than I should have, but that’s what a vacation is for. I spent the front half of the week with family, as well as cleaning out my childhood closet (which led to some pretty comical trips down memory lane), and took a break halfway through the week for a quick day trip the beach. I plan on finishing up my vacation this weekend by doing a touch of spring cleaning, then heading off for one last day trip to the mountains with my family, followed by a cookout with family and friends. 
(Perfect sunshine to breeze combination at the beach)
(Enjoying the feeling of summer approaching)
(Adorable dairy containers I’m now on the hunt for)

(The Little Hen Restaurant, where we celebrated my cousin’s First Communion)

(Love the idea of name tags on special bottles of wine)

(Delicious cheese platter at The Little Hen that I plan on recreating)
(A picture from my mom, sent to make me smile)

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