photo 5-8

(Luna: the most wonderful new addition to my life)

So much has happened this past week that it’s impossible to pick just a few things that are making me smile. Though I have loved every moment of the last few days, one thing stands out as the most amazing. My new (and first) adoption from the SPCA: Luna. Though I’ve only had her for a day, she has already brought so much joy and sunshine into my life. After being brought down by a couple of challenging things at work last week, meeting her was exactly what I needed to remember what’s important, and that a little bit of love can get you through anything. Friday started my week long vacation, and I couldn’t be more excited to start it off with her. I’ve already crossed several things off my to-do list this past weekend (pictures to come), and have a couple new projects to complete this week before heading to the annual Shopping Spree with my mom this weekend  to kick off our holiday shopping.

photo 3-25

(Half-scary, half-cute skull heads to give my house a little spook for Halloween)

photo 2-28

(My first, very intense, 3D-IMAX viewing of Gravity)

photo 4-18

(“Witch-fingers” hand baked for me by Ry)

photo 1-27

(An interesting mix of festive fall flowers from my mom)