(Ry’s version of a pick-me-up: a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts hand delivered to me)

This week felt back to normal. I got in my groove, plugged in my pumpkin spice air-fresheners, and started a Harry Potter marathon with Ry (because it’s never too early to get in the Halloween mindset). After a rougher than usual week last week, it was important this week to focus on the future, and be excited about some plans I have made. I took advantage of every free moment I had, whether it be to sit and read my new fall magazines, or to spend quality time with loved ones. I got to have a day off to lose track of time during a lovely brunch with my family, and spent an evening finally getting treated to a new hair-do (which I’m still adjusting to). Overall, I’m embracing the change around me, and staying grateful to the things and people in my life that have remained wonderful through every up and down. Here’s a glimpse of what’s been making me smile this week.


(Warm donuts at brunch – incase the first dozen weren’t plenty to pick me up)

photo 4-15

(The most delicious shrimp + grits ever at Herons)

photo 1-22

(My new cookie jar from Ry, plus a batch of freshly baked cookies)

photo 3-23

(A sorbet platter so adorable that I’m now convinced it’s a kitchen necessity)

photo 2-24

(A toy I wouldn’t mind playing with all day long)


(Succulent garden inspiration – a must do for home and an easy gift for the holidays)