A Bridal Afternoon


The majority of my time this weekend was consumed by flowers, cake samples, lace, table settings, and anything else, big or small, that it takes to plan a wedding. After browsing for (and purchasing!) the perfect wedding dress for my sister all afternoon Saturday, my mom, sister, mother of the groom, and I headed out to Raleigh’s Forever Bridal Expo yesterday. I think we were all a little overwhelmed by the amount and variety of vendors that were there, but the experience proved to be very entertaining and educational. It was a great opportunity for my sister to see what she liked and didn’t like, as well as provide quite a few laughs, and of course, always appreciated bonding time. Here are a few highlights from the expo that were my personal favorites, or will serve as inspiration for my sister’s wedding.

photo 5-29photo 4-42rusticwedding2photo 3-54photo 3-52rusticwedding1photo 2-67photo 1-64weddingcakes

IMG_5140(The sweetest little collectables box my sister gave me to assist with my maid of honor duties)