Weekend Rewind

photo 4-3

(Date night cheese platter inspired by one seen here)

This weekend has been amazing. Between getting to see my parents twice, having a day off work, and wrapping up the bulk of my packing, I would say it was a success. At this point my life is in boxes with exception to the bare essentials (which naturally includes my stand mixer and decorating books), and I am having to get more and more creative to find ways to entertain myself. This has meant hours spent on Pinterest, design blogs, and flipping through magazines. I can’t wait to get into my new place, be settled, and resume my crafting and baking. In the meantime, here a a few things that have been keeping me temporarily occupied.

photo 1-6

(Favorite casual essentials: broken-in boyfriend jeans, tissue weight v-neck tee, and pastel flats)

photo 3-5

(A latte almost too pretty to drink – at La Farm Bakery with my parents)

photo 3-6

(Vintage sunnies discovered at my parents house)


photo 2-4

(Perfectly delicate ring from Catbird that almost reminds me of Christmas tinsel)

photo 1-5

(A quiet Sunday brunch at the park)

photo 2-5

(New self-challenge: learn to make macaroons)









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