Weekend Rewind: Winter Stay-cation


This past weekend was my family’s second winter stay-cation. I headed home Friday night (with enough luggage to last me all winter), and was immediately welcomed and comforted by a warm, crackling fire and Christmas music playing in the background. Although the majority of our set plans for the weekend involved eating, I was still looking forward to the spontaneous activities we would find to do along the way. However, we weren’t prepared for one unplanned activity – having to call the rescue squad on my dad. Luckily, it was a false alarm and turned out to be nothing too serious or life-threatening, but in those brief moments that seemed to last an eternity waiting for answers, all I could think was that I was so incredibly thankful to be gathered with my family. The rest of the stay-cation went on, and I think the event that happened on Saturday morning made us all a little bit more grateful to be spending time together and made the weekend that much more special. It goes to show that not everything in life can be planned out and executed perfectly, but it’s about noticing the love and comfort that surrounds us in little moments. Here’s a few snapshots of those quiet, happy moments with my family.


(A delicious, sugary brunch at Irregardless Cafe)


(Purchasing a plus-size Christmas tree from a relative’s tree farm – just in time before the rain started)


(My dad making his recovery and cooking us Pasta Fagioli – an Italian family favorite)


(Celebrating National Cupcake Day)

herons1photo 1-51

(Sugar overload at Heron’s brunch – pecan cranberry french toast + warm donuts)christmasornaments

 (Beautiful Christmas decor at Heron’s + a sneak peak of my Christmas table)