Weekend Rewind

valentinesandcabinweekendLuckily, Ryan and I made it up to the cabin this weekend. After much skepticism, a lovely Valentine’s Day back at home, a four hour drive, getting towed out of a snow-ditch, two hours spent shoveling a drive way, and some extremely sore arm muscles later, we finally made it up to our retreat in the woods. We had no real plans, except for reservations here Saturday night, but that made the weekend that much better. It was nice to lose track of all time, have no where to be, and feel free to explore unknown places just to take pictures of the view. Needless to say, the scenery was breathtaking, and time spent resting by the fire was well worth the effort it took to get up to the mountains. Here’s few highlights from our trip.

valentines1(Incredibly thoughtful gifts from Ryan)

photo 4-68(The not-so-glamerous start to our vacation)

photo 5-53(Gorgeous sunset from our neighborhood)

valentines3(Home-cooked breakfast + taking time to enjoy my new books)

photo 4-69(A sledding hill we stubbled upon while exploring unknown roads)

photo 2-108(Introducing Ryan to my favorite comfort food in Blowing Rock)

valentines2(How Ryan and I rang in his 27th birthday)