Weekend Rewind


As I’ve already mentioned, this weekend was in my definition, a perfect fall vacation. It held just the right combination of eating, relaxing, getting out of town, and spontaneity.  It kicked off Saturday morning with a chilly breakfast outside, followed by exploring downtown, experiencing Cooke Street Carnival for the first time, and of course, pumpkin picking. Sunday, Ryan and I headed out of town for a day trip to a winery, and on the way back, we picked up a little something extra to bring home. Here are a few snapshots from how I spent this past weekend.

photo 2-29

(Late morning lattes at Cafe Helios)

photo 1-28

(Downtown discovery: Quality Grocery – a corner food mart that looks straight of the 1950’s)

photo 2-30

(Fried food, corny photo ops, and fun with friends at Cooke Street Carnival)

photo 3-26

(A perfectly overcast and chilly afternoon to pick pumpkins at Jean’s Berry Patch)

photo 4-19

(Pumpkins galore + an old fashioned car that no pumpkin patch would be complete without)

photo 1-29

(Ry and I picking out just the right ones)

photo 2-31

(Enjoying a beautiful day before our wine tasting at Gregory Vineyards)

photo 3-28

(The only few grapes left + Ry hard at work)

photo 1-30

(Getting lost in the vineyards for a few moments of quiet and relaxation post-tour and tractor ride)


(Wrapping up the weekend by getting all cuddled up with Luna Lee – named after our favorite Harry Potter character: Luna, and our favorite bottle of wine at the winery: Lee Love)