Little Love Notes

photo 1-98One of the best things about Valentine’s Day as a kid was that you got to show everyone around you that you were thinking of them – as I’m pretty sure it was a classroom requirement that you gave a card to everyone in the class. As I’ve grown older, Valentine’s Day suddenly became more and more about just showing a significant other how much you love them. In an effort to embrace this holiday (and make an attempt at overcoming the Hallmark cheesiness of it all), I wanted to send out little love notes to everyone I care about. Here’s a glimpse at some DIY cards I made to send.

photo 1-97photo 2-101valentinesphoto 2-102photo 3-82IMG_6094


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  1. mom
    12 February 2014 / 6:14 pm

    Looks very cute. I am sad that someone you loved dearly will not be receiving one this year.
    He looked so forward to your cards.