Travel Essentials with Lo & Sons

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After all of the traveling I’ve done this past summer, between week long trips exploring all across southern California, and weekend getaways to Charleston and Blowing Rock, I realized that being able to pack efficiently is key to stress-free travels. With NYFW and an exciting new adventure on the horizon, I realized it was time to up my carry on luggage game, and invest in something that would hold all of my essentials.

This Seville Tote I received from Lo & Sons is my travel bag dream come true! The clean and sophisticated structure was enough to lure me in on its own, but once I found out all of the extra features it had to offer, I was sold. First, let’s talk about the storage space. I can fit SO much into this tote. My 15″ laptop + charger (which has a special compartment build into the bag just for it), my iPad, magazines for the flight, headphones, books, in-flight beauty necessities, polaroid camera, and more all fit into this tote bag and zipped up – without feeling heavy or bulky!

Every inch and function of this bag was so thoroughly thought through. Having a zipper-close tote was functional enough for me for travel, but Lo & Sons took it a step further and made interchangeable shells for the tote. Simply snap out the inner soft shell, and replace it with any outer cover. I love the idea of using my white cover for day to day use, and swapping it out a more durable grey cover for travel.

Even better? The extra protective padded shell that you add to the front of your bag for travel has a convenient slot on the front that slides right over the handle of your carry on luggage. I wasn’t kidding when I said they seriously thought of everything! To finish off my travel essentials, my Seville Tote wouldn’t be complete without the smartphone wristlet to hold my passport, ticket, ID and phone. I need to make sure those things are easily accessible at all times!

Hope you all have an amazing holiday weekend! I’ll be back on Tuesday with an exciting post – right before I jet off to my first NYFW! I’m so excited I can hardly wait to share all the details – but more about that next week! Shop the Lo & Sons Seville Tote and all my other travel essentials I’ll be taking with me below!

Photos by Ryan Sides