The M.A. Times Turns 2: A Look Back


This weekend marks the two year anniversary of The M.A. Times. It seems like just yesterday I started this blog as an outlet for my creativity. When I first started, I had no intention of showing it to anyone. Little by little, my family, Ryan, and friends started to find out. Since then, it’s become something that I’m more and more proud of every day. While it’s undergone several changes throughout the years (I used to only post “Currently” posts), and I’m sure there’s a lot more changes to come, it has remained something that I love coming home to work on every night.

With that said, I may not have had the motivation to keep this blog going without all of you. I still remember who my first few followers were, and am ever thankful for the days that they encouraged me that someone was actually reading my posts. So, from the bottom of my heart, here’s a giant thank you to my family and Ryan for constantly supporting me, my friends for dealing with me needing to take pictures of everything, and all of you, who literally make my world go round. Here’s to the next year!

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  1. 23 April 2015 / 6:45 pm

    Happy Two Years!! Adore you and your blog:) Can’t wait to see you! XOXO