The Last Week

photo 3-7

(One benefit to jumping the seasons: this cozy blanket on sale from last year)

My mom used to make fun of me for my lack of attachment to objects, memories, or places. She used to find birthday cards in my trash can, or see me skip out on photo opportunities and lecture me on my lack of sentiment. After packing up my apartment this week, and finding every single card I have gotten since graduation, she would be happy to know I have definitely changed. As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned that it is those small treasures that will make you smile years down the road, and I am so happy to have held onto them. Though this certainly hasn’t been my favorite place I have ever lived, I know now, in my last week here, that I will miss it. This was where I lived when I got dressed for my first day of my current job, where I lived when I met and started dating Ry, and where I lived when I got the idea to start this blog. My next post will be from my new home, and while I am excited for the fresh start, I will always cherish the memories I made this past year.

photo 2-7

(Shiny new printer + too much blank paper lying around: a years supply of cards for handwritten notes)


(Satisfying my need for a bit more glitz in my life)


(Hazelnut coffee + Buttermilk pancakes)


(A perfect post-work surprise from Ry)