Thanksgiving Table


Decorating the table for our family Thanksgiving dinner is usually my specialty, and the highlight of my year. However, this past weekend, during our Thanksgiving at the cabin, traditions shifted slightly. While I usually have months to prepare, craft, and plan, this year, I had a matter of hours to see what we had at the house, and throw something presentable together. We decided to pull decor that was already up there, use paper products for easy clean up, and use the china that the previous owners left behind (none of which I am fond of). This forced me to get outside of my normal decorative process, and really get creative.

What started as what I thought may be a disaster (due to paper napkins and tablecloths), actually turned out to be one of my favorite tables yet. We used an elevated white paper table cloth for easy clean up, with burnt orange paper napkins, tied with twine and embellished with a leaf gem. For the center of the table, we used a raffia runner with simple decor composed of tea lights wrapped with twine and glued, decorative pumpkins from around the house, and mini pinecones. We then used pieces of wheat and added them to milk glasses tied with green raffia¬†for color. The boys even got involved and helped – and proved that table decor doesn’t have to be fancy, elaborate, or expensive to provide a nice setting for a meal together. Here’s how we decorated our table on a whim this Thanksgiving.

DSC_4529-2 DSC_4525-2 tgtable1 DSC_4540-2 DSC_4533-2 DSC_4543-2 DSC_4545-2 DSC_4521-2


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  1. Joan
    24 November 2014 / 11:34 am

    Looks very nice!