Summer Tomato Basil Spread


As previously mentioned, Ryan whipped up a spectacular Italian-themed picnic for us to enjoy this past weekend. One of my favorite dishes he prepared was this sun-dried tomato and basil cream cheese spread. It was so light and refreshing, and only took a few minutes to mix together. It’s the perfect hassle-free appetizer to serve for summer parties, or a tasty addition to a basic cheese platter.


1 – 8oz package cream cheese, softened

6 tbsp chopped sun-dried tomatoes

2 tbsp thinly sliced basil

pinch of salt


Mix cream cheese with a wooden spoon in a medium size mixing bowl. Stir until cream cheese is soft and easily mixable.

Add in sun-dried tomatoes, basil, and salt. Mix well. Refrigerate until ready for use, or serve immediately with a toasted baguette or thick crackers.