Sugar Biscuits


Although I try to fight it, even my toughest self-control can’t resist anything sweet and coated in sugar – whether it be a donut, cookie, pound cake with icing on top, or in this case – a biscuit. I blame my parents – growing up they allowed me to proclaim the cake with the biggest icing flower as mine, and since I’ve felt entitled to grab the cinnamon bun with the most icing, or pick out the batch of fresh baked pastries the most sugar drizzled on top (even if it is on the bottom of a mountainous pile). These biscuits offered up the perfect solution for my unbreakable habit. They are a moist, flaky biscuit, coated in as much icing as my heart desires that makes delicious treat on their own, or a wonderful compliment to an afternoon cup of tea. Better yet, I can have them all to myself without having to embarrass myself with my five-year old ways.

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  1. Colin
    4 September 2013 / 7:06 am

    They were yummy!