Spring To-Do List


Spring is quickly becoming my favorite time of year. The promise of warm weather, sunshine, and outdoor activities always fills me with hope and excitement. I suddenly feel motivated to try new things, get out of my comfort zone, and explore life’s little pleasures. It was last spring I felt inspired to start The M.A. Times, and with that, this time of year now holds a special meaning for me. As usual, at the start of every season, I have a bucket list of things to accomplish. Here’s what I’m looking forward to doing this spring.  (You can see my past to do lists here and here.)

1. Build (or at least paint) a birdhouse/feeder for my back porch.

2. Plant an herb garden.

3. Experiment with edible flowers.

4. Embrace pastels in both decor and apparel.

5. Learn to play tennis and racquetball.

6. Spring clean: tackle one room/closet per weekend.

7. Learn to bake donuts (and establish an exercise routine to work them off).

8. Watch my way through a list of foreign films from a family friend.

9. Read The Divergent and The Hunger Game series before the movies are released.

10. Enjoy my coffee more mornings outside than in.

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