Spring Beauty


As we change seasons, I have also made a change in my daily makeup routine. Lately, I’ve been setting aside my darker blushes and my wine colored lipstick, and been going for a fresher, more natural look. I’ve been keeping my makeup light and simple, gravitating towards shades of pale pink and beige. After a long and cold winter, my skin is ready for a refresh and rejuvenation. Here’s a few of the beauty products that are helping me achieve a more dewey and natural look for spring.


After my skin dried out all winter, it is necessary that I re-hydrate it by applying this oil daily after washing. My face remains oily for a few minutes, but after my skin soaks it all up, it feels moisturized, soft, and significantly smoother.

This cream concealer by Nars provides medium coverage and blends to your skin tone easily, making it so foundation is optional and your skin can be flawless, yet breathe, as warmer months approach.

Adding this illuminator to cheekbones, under eye brows, and inside the corner of your eyes, makes your face look more awake and gives you a soft glisten. The tint of color also helps create the illusion that you’ve just spent the day out in the sun.

Softer, more natural skin tones are in this season, and this powder blush by Nars provides just the right shade of pink to make you look as if you have just a touch of natural flush. Applying from the ears down through the cheekbone in a circular motion provides the right amount of color. (Color pictured here is ‘Deep Throat’.)


I don’t typically wear eyeshadow, but I love the colors in this palate by Buxom. The pale pinks and beiges provide just enough shimmer and pop of color for daily wear, and the darker brown is perfect for layering on for nighttime. (Color palate pictured here is ‘Swing’.)

Due to warmer temperatures in the spring and summer, my makeup tends to run and rub off easier during these months. This eyeliner by Urban Decay is waterproof and the perfect shade of dark brown. It provides a nice, clean line that stays put throughout the day, and is dark enough to be make my eyes pop, but not too dark that it looks unnatural. (Color pictured here is ‘Demolition’.)


I’ve found couple shades of pale pink that really achieve the natural look I’m going for. My two favorite matte finishes are ‘Catfight’ by Nars, and ‘Nude Pink’ by Sonia Kashuk. For a shine finish, I like Revlon’s ‘Super Natural’.

Because my lips have been so chapped and I have been reaching for my chapstick every five minutes, I’ve found it helpful to exfoliate 2-3 times a week with this lip exfoliant. My lips feel soft and smooth, and it has made applying lipstick so much easier.