Skincare with OSEA

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I don’t typically post many beauty related posts here on the blog, but that’s because up until recently, I had been using about the same 10 products on my skin, hair, and as makeup. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? The problem was I didn’t realize the products I was using weren’t actually doing anything to benefit my skin. A simple face wash at night wasn’t enough to keep my skin moisturized and healthy, let alone provide a good foundation for applying makeup in the morning. Thanks to OSEA’s vegan line of skincare, my nighttime routine and my skin has completely changed for the better!

I’ve been consistently using three of their products for the last few weeks and can honestly say I’ve seen a huge difference in the tightness and brightness of my skin. It’s so much smoother, has a more even skin tone, and just overall feels more hydrated and healthy. Here’s a peek at my new nighttime routine and the products I’ve been using.

No. 1 // First up is the White Algae Mask. I’ve been using this one 2 times a week, applying it after removing my makeup and letting it soak in for about fifteen minutes. It  serves as an anti-aging mask that corrects skin tone, and reduces fine lines. After just a couple of uses with this product my skin was visibly brighter! It can also be worn as an overnight mask for even more brightening effects.

No. 2 // Next in my new nightly routine is to apply the Atmosphere Protection Cream all over my face and neck. It serves as a moisturizer that protects the skin from dehydration and all environmental aggressors, so I also apply this in the morning before applying my makeup. It gives me a nice hydrated palate to apply foundation to. It is invisible and super lightweight, so it is the perfect moisturizer for both day and night.

No. 3 // Lastly (this one is probably my favorite), I’ve been incorporating the Vitamin Sea Boost Mist into my daily and nightly routine. This stuff is amazing! It is a mix of red wine and pomegranate extracts, and I can’t even describe how refreshing it is. I love putting it on right before bed to calm me, but if sprayed overtop of your makeup in the morning, it helps to set everything in place. It’s such a perfect hydrating spray to carry with me for travel when my skin is extra dehydrated.

Photos by Ryan Sides