Seventies Style

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I definitely feel like I have a fairly distinct style (feminine, sophisticated, and classic), and have for the most part remained true to my style manifesto. I have always said “Style means always exploring the latest trends, but never feeling trapped inside of a sartorial bubble. It is about being brave, taking risks, and making fashion choices that are confident, yet playful. My fashion philosophy is that a look should be effortlessly polished, with the perfect balance of modern and classic, and be intriguing, yet simple. Style is continuously evolving, but a look should never fail to be bold, ultra-femme, sophisticated and elevated, yet not over-done.”

Recently, I’ve noticed a shift in my style from more structured silhouettes to more boho-inspired styles. I’m blaming it on my festival season looks I created with Anthropologie at Durham last month, but truth be told, I just can’t get enough of the style! I’ve been feeling more myself reverting back to my flower child roots and embracing more of a seventies influence to my dressing.

With that said, I’m sure the next frilly, super femme dress that comes my way will turn me right back to my polished and elevated style, but for now, I’m having too fun of a time experimenting with the “style is continuously evolving,” aspect of my style manifesto. After all, isn’t experimenting with different trends and seeing how they effect your attitude what fashion is all about?

Photos by Ryan Sides





  1. 3 May 2016 / 9:00 am

    Experimenting is the best part of fashion! It’s nice to have your unique style nailed down, but that shouldn’t limit us – it’s fun to get out and try our hand at a trend or two. Like you said, sometimes they just feel right once they’re on!

    I am absolutely in love with the look you’ve got here. It is a polished take on boho style. Nothing too loose or shapeless, you still look very ladylike! I especially love the front zippers on those flares (such a fun detail) and those sunglasses! They remind me of a pair that Jenny from Margo and Me wears from time to time and she is the epitome of feminine style so it’s very fitting! 😉

    xo Mary-Katherine |

    • 10 May 2016 / 7:51 pm

      These are amazing and so comfortable too! Can’t get enough of flares right now!! xo – Marianne