Reflections on the Past


Every new year’s day feels like the start of a new era – with unmarked territory and unknown adventures ahead. With my Poppop’s passing on Christmas Eve, I’m not quite ready to let go of 2013. He was the most spirited, full-of-life man you’d ever meet. He taught me how to be strong, how to not take life too seriously, and how to give all the love you have to your family and strangers you meet on the street. I’ll miss his stories and jokes, his little chuckle he did whenever he said something he knew was inappropriate, and his cards he mailed on every occasion possible. He was a huge part of my life this past year, and with that, it makes 2013 hard to move on from. But then I think of him, and everything he went through in his 92 (and a half) years, and realize he probably had to learn to turn things he loved into memories and move on a time or two. The strength he always showed me, and his saying “Eat it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without,” is getting me through this hard time, and encouraging me to embrace the memories and challenges this coming year has in store for me. Here’s a look back at some of the little things from this past year I loved, and things that much like my Poppop, brought me enough joy and happiness to last a lifetime.

Currently Making Me Smile

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