Parsons Desk Inspiration


Up until recently, my ‘desk’ was one of those built into your kitchen counter, stuck in a dark corner, with absolutely no space to work areas. There was no light, no inspiration, and therefore, no productivity. This led to anything and everything else becoming my workspace – whether it be my couch, island, kitchen table, or even my bed. I finally invested in a parsons desk, which I have been eyeing for a while, and it’s already made such a difference in my work. I love coming home from my day job to sit at it and work, and never feel closed in or cramped for space. Now that I have a beautiful work space, I’m looking forward to decorating it just right. I posted this a while back on office gadgets that I loved, but here’s a few more images that inspire me to create a space that works just for me. Added to these images are the elements that I think would make up the perfect work space at my new desk.

desk3 desk2desk4 desk1

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