Oh The Places I’ll Go


One of my most anticipated non-work related perks of my new job is my ability to take weekend trips. Whether it’s a girls weekend away, a day trip with Ryan, or just a family trip up the cabin, I can’t wait to start adventuring places. I’m starting a new list every few months of cities I’d like to visit. Some are ones I have visited often, and others are ones I’ve always wanted to go. Even if the trip involves nothing but a road trip there, a walk around town, and a quick picnic in a park, I’ll just be happy to make memories with family and friends. Here’s a list of my first few cities I’d like to visit during spring.


Charleston, South Carolina

Almost three years ago, I spent about a week alone in Charleston. I’m not sure if I love the place so much because it brings back such happy memories of being independent and exploring a new place on my own for the first time ever, or if it because it really is that amazing of a place. In reality, it’s probably a mix of both. It is so quaint and every single corner of it is gorgeous. The week I stayed there, I went for about two hour runs (okay… walks) around the city. I would just get lost and eventually hope I found my way back to my starting place. The food is amazing, and every little cafe and bar is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. (Image via here)


Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

Having gone to college in Wilmington for three years, it took me a while to get back on board with wanting to visit the beach on vacation. After living there year round, taking a quintessential summer trip to the beach sort of lost its magic. When I met Ryan, he let me in on a little secret – taking a trip to the beach in the off season (winter/early spring) is so much more fun. You can catch the last of the crisp breezes before it turns unbearably hot, and will have the beach almost to yourself. We took a trip early spring a couple years ago, and were able to have almost the whole end of the beach to ourselves. The sun was shining just enough to keep us warm and make us feel like we were getting our typical ‘summer’ beach trip, but we got to skip the sunburn and the college crowd. (Image via here)


Nashville, TennesseeĀ 

My mom and sister are probably rolling their eyes at this right now since I am the furthest thing from a country music fan (okay fine, I love Taylor Swift), but I have heard so many amazing things about Nashville that I just have to see what all the fuss is about. I really don’t know too much about the place, but that mystery is part of what would make visiting somewhere new so much fun. It isn’t super close to Raleigh, but its close enough that I may just be able to make a weekend trip out of it (given that there is some overnight driving involved). Since I’ve never been, I would love any suggestions on things to see/do/eat while I am there! (Image via here)