Office Space


Now that I can actually see the top of my desk, I’m excited to make it a space I want to sit at and use all the time. I’m working on finding the perfect balance of design and functionality (as it won’t encourage productivity if it’s missing one of those elements). Desktops become cluttered easily – so I’ve narrowed it down to a few necessities that are sleek and minimal, which I could see myself adding to my office space.

1. A sleek magazine holder to hold current issues for inspiration. ($24)

2. A cute all-purpose stationary set for spontaneous notes. ($16)

3. Fun coasters to keep my desk clean. ($26)

4. A journal to jot down thoughts and to-do lists. ($16)

5. A messages note pad to keep myself organized. ($8)

6. Adorable bow tie push pins – to make real life pinning a little more fun. ($24)

7. A minimal flower vase for colorful blooms. ($228)

8. A lucite and gold stapler. ($28)

9. Little gold lined bowls for organizing paper clips, push pins, etc.

10. A small, fresh smelling candle to make work time more pleasant. ($60)

11. A sleek desk lamp for proper lighting. ($100)

12. A catch-all to keep a desk top organized and give miscellaneous supplies a home. ($22)

13. An attractive tape dispenser that I wouldn’t want to hide in my desk drawer. ($28)