Moon River & Korakia Pensione

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Happy Friday! To wrap of my two weeks of sharing my trip to California (yes, I promise I’m almost done!) I wanted to give you all a little insight into our time we spent staying at the Korakia Pensione in Palm Springs. I had seen countless pictures of the place online – I immediately connected with its bohemian and laid-back vibes, and put it on my list of places I wanted to stay eventually.

Earlier this summer, when Ryan surprised me with a trip to Palm Springs, my mind immediately went to the Korakia. We hopped online and looked at all of the different rooms together – each is decorated differently and has a different layout, each with unique features making it special. We finally decided upon the Syros Room – we loved the open layout, the slate bathroom, and the open yet private patio with a mountain view. Best of all, this cozy little sitting spot was right outside of our room!

Each morning at the Korakia starts with the most delicious home-cooked breakfast – the choices ranged from avocado toast, to banana pancakes, and the freshest fruit and yogurt. The staff is all so sweet and personable – we felt like we had left making friends with some of them! After breakfast, you have the choice of lounging by one of the two saltwater pools, playing bocce ball, or using their bikes to head out and explore the town.

They serve Moroccan tea every afternoon, and also light fire pits and candles all around the property once the sun starts setting. There’s nothing to describe this place other than truly magical, and one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. I instantly felt at home, and definitely was not ready to check out after a couple of days. Ryan and I both feel like we can’t get back there soon enough – the spa like atmosphere put us both completely at ease, and made us shut out all of the stress of the real world – just like a vacation should do!

Photos by Ryan Sides





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