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Valentine’s Day has always been one of those holidays where gift giving requires a little bit of extra thought and sentiment, to make sure your significant other knows that the gift you have gotten is something that truly embodies your love and appreciation for them. Do you go with a small trinket that is a joke between the two of you, or do you take them out to a fancy dinner? When I’m thinking of gifts to give, one of the most important aspects to me is that it be something that will become a part of their daily lives, so that they are constantly reminded my love.

Watches have always been one of my favorite gifts to give for this reason. It’s something that is not only practical, but becomes a special part of your loved one’s everyday routine. Each time they glance down at the time throughout the day, it may bring a smile to their face at the thought of that Valentine’s Day, or of your love for each other. The trick comes with finding a watch to give that is truly as unique and special as they are.

That’s why JORD luxury wood watches is an absolute go to for whatever style it is you’re looking for. Most everyone has your typical gold, silver, or leather-banded watch, but JORD wood watches are something they probably haven’t seen before. Each watch is hand-crafted out of either ebony, zoa, purple heart, zebra wood, rosewood, sandalwood, maple, or bamboo, and finished off with the most impeccable details (this one has sapphire glass and Swarovski crystals).

I’m wearing the Sidney in maple and rose gold, but there are plenty of other beautiful options for both men and women on JORD’s website. JORD says that “moments are greater than minutes,” and this is something I couldn’t agree with more. It’s such a sweet thought to think moments are memories that last a lifetime, not just a minute in time. That’s why a modern, sophisticated JORD watch is the perfect gift to give your significant other (or as a gift to yourself) to be with you or them every day to measure all the happiest moments in time.

Photos by Ryan Sides


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