Midi Take Two

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On Monday, I wrote about Emma Sells’ article in the Summer 2016 issue of Porter where designer Roksanda Ilincic gave the five tips on how to style a midi skirt. I’ve always loved the idea of midi skirts, so I have been giving a couple of these tips a try with the help of the stylists at Anthropologie at Durham. On Monday, I tested out tip #2: wearing a brightly colored or patterned skirt for daytime and letting it be the statement piece of your outfit. I have to say – it was one of my favorite looks I’ve ever worn because of that skirt!

For today’s look, I’m giving tip #5 a try! “Keep things fresh by looking for a skirt with interesting details or an asymmetric shape, slits, or unexpected fabric. Style it with a coordinating top.” I was immediately drawn to this skirt because of it’s dramatic, off-center slit. The pattern is pretty bright, but because of the slit, it feels broken up and not too overpowering. What’s better? The skirt is a lightweight silk, so as you walk, it gets caught in the breeze and has such a beautiful movement to it! It’s certainly a different look than my take on midi skirts on Monday, but I’m loving it just as much!

Incase you missed the tips on Monday, here they are again so you can seamlessly style your own midi skirts and rock them like Londoner, Roksanda Ilincic.

1 // Think about proportion. Balance is everything, so if your skirt is very full then wear something more streamlined on top – the more fitted, the better.

2 // Don’t be afraid to choose a skirt that’s brightly colored or patterned for daytime. Pair it with easy basics and let it be the statement piece.

3 // If you’re not tall, make sure that your skirt hits the right part of your leg; a three-quarter-length cut that falls to mid-calf will be the most flattering.

4 // Play with a mix of feminine and masculine pieces. A ladylike skirt will look great worn with a mannish blazer or an oversized coat.

5 // Keep things fresh by looking for a skirt with interesting details like an asymmetric shape, slits or unexpected fabric. Style it with a coordinating top.

Photos by Ryan Sides