Make Your Own Stationery


I’ve always been a big fan of all of the fun notecards seen on Pinterest, and especially the stationery sold by Walnut Paperie. What I didn’t realize is how easy and inexpensive making your own stationery, envelopes, invitations, or other printed party items could be. You’ll need a basic printer, your paper product of choice, and a basic word program (I have open office, which is a free download online). Here’s how you can make your own stationary at home. paper1Start by measuring the size of the paper. Open up your page preferences, and set your margins to zero. This will make it so there is no border on your paper. Either adjust your paper size in your page preferences (seen on left), or you can manually change the paper size dragging the arrows on the ruler by the paper (seen on right).


If you want to make your project a little more unique (or cute like the ones seen on Pinterest), you can download some fun free fonts from these couple of sites:

Once you have typed up the document, go to print preview to ensure it is the right size, and is centered correctly.


Load your paper into your printer, and move the little paper holder over so it is hugging your paper.


Print. For envelopes, I’ve found it works better if you feed it in one at a time.

Here are a couple of projects that I completed at home on my own – ranging from dinner menus for an upcoming event, to bridal shower invitations, and my christmas card envelopes.



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  1. 10 June 2014 / 12:54 pm

    easy to follow steps! I love the pintrest boards on stationery too