Life: Recently

photo 2-3

(The coolest hanging lanterns at Guglhupf that will somehow be incorporated into my next home)

It’s only mid-July and I have already caught myself craving Fall.  Maybe its the blistering hot, humid days that make you want to do nothing but sit inside, or the fact that its been raining every day for the last week (with not near enough sunshine time) that has made me want to pull out my boots and sweaters and breathe in cool, crisp Fall air. Regardless, I am determined to embrace the last couple months of Summer and all they have to offer before I rush in a new season. I am currently packing to move to a new place next month, so this week has been full of discovering old trinkets and looking for new inspiration for making my new place feel like home.


(Blueberry ice cream + lemon bar: the most savory combination at Guglhupf for my Dad’s Birthday)


(Taking advantage of the last of this season’s peaches to experiment with drinks like this and this)

photo 1-4

(Impromptu chocolate chip cookies with what was in the pantry , which turned out as a cross between a muffin top and cookie)


(An evening spent reading Making a House Your Home and finding new ideas for my next place)