Laundry Room Makeover


One of my self-challenges this season was to tackle one problem area in my house per weekend. This past weekend I attacked my laundry room – probably the most dreaded room in my house. Not only do I dislike how small and cramped it is, I also can not stand doing laundry. I re-vamped my space to make it more user-friendly and visually appealing. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I love doing laundry now, but I definitely do enjoy my new, cheerful work space. Here’s a few tips to improve your laundry room at home.


Have something that keeps your products organized. The space looks much more tidy and streamlined if all laundry products are tucked away in a bin. There are many options available for purchase, but I chose to make a cute, laundry-room appropriate bin. To make bin, buy an unfinished wooden bucket from a craft store. Next, paint two coats in the color of your choice. Stencil on letters (I used 1″ stencils). Let dry and install. It was a quick and easy 10 minute DIY, and adds tons of character to my space.


Have somewhere to hang your clothes. For me, the simplest option was to install a clothesline. Many of my clothes require being hung to dry, and instead of storing and setting up a cumbersome drying rack every time I do laundry, I simply used 12 gauge aluminum jewelry wire and some hooks to install and indoor clothesline. Make sure hooks are very secure in wall, and pull wire as tight as possible before tying off.


Make upgrades. Determine which products are most important to you, and treat yourself to something nice. For me, this was good smelling, visually appealing laundry products, and felt covered, coordinating hangers. The upgrades were small and fairly inexpensive, but make a huge difference to the space.


Add decorative items. Just because a laundry room isn’t a typical place for artwork and decor doesn’t mean you can’t have a little bit of fun. Add a couple of pieces to bring some life to the room. I used a fake potted plant for some greenery, and an old piece of art that was still homeless from my move.

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