Hostess Gift Guide


It suddenly dawned on me yesterday that Thanksgiving is next week! Once Thanksgiving hits, it’s the official start to the holiday season, and with that, holiday parties. When giving is the main focus this time of year, it’s always nice not to show up empty handed. While the traditional flowers and bottles of wine are nice, here are seven ways to jazz up your hostess gifts this year, and give them something to remember.


Wrapped Wine: Instead of handing your hostess a plain bottle, dress it up a little! Buy a natural linen kitchen towel to add to the gift, and finish off which a leather tie and a hangtag. Taking the extra step makes it look like you put some thought and personalization into the gift.


Fancy Flowers: The same rule of thumb goes for gifting flowers at the holidays. It’s a perfectly acceptable gift, but take the time to take it out of the traditional plastic wrap, and into some brown paper. Finish the package off with a velvet bow or festive ribbon. Something as simple as changing out the packaging makes the gift look more elevated and the flowers look more expensive. A little goes a long way!


Homemade Bread: If you’re at all good in the kitchen (and your friends know it), it’s always nice to bring a little something homemade. It doesn’t have to be anything over the top and fancy (as you wouldn’t want to steal the show from the hostess), but just a little addition to the meal to show that you are. A festive loaf of bread wrapped I’m simple wax paper and twine is always a perfect go to. If it isn’t needed for the meal, than it’s great for the hostess to have breakfast planned out for the following morning.


Infused Vodka: This is another great homemade gift for the hostess who already has everything. It can either be used to kick the party up a notch, or can be added to their personal stash. Either way, you’ll have a fun time making this gift, and the hostess will most likely have a fun time using it!


Gingerbread Kit: This is a great gift, especially for family get-togethers that involve kids. The packaging is adorable, and it is something fun and simple that the whole family can enjoy doing together. Follow the link above for several other “in a jar” hostess gift ideas.


DIY Chalkboard Tray: This is one of my favorite ideas – mostly because I love a good DIY, but also because a cheese platter is one of my favorite things. Everyone needs a way to display their appetizers, and the do-it-yourself aspect makes this gift extra special. It’s super easy to make, and will most likely be well loved. Feel free to bring along the cheese and crackers too!


Potpourri: When all else fails, this is a simple, old-fashioned, and seasonally appropriate hostess gift. While giving candles can sometimes be overdone, gifting homemade potpourri feels classic and thoughtful. The natural top and quirky printed label add extra personality, and is something that is sure to please.