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‘Tis the season of gift giving! Can you believe it? I’ve already started my holiday plotting, planning, and shopping (much earlier than usual)! I’ve always been a big fan of making lists to make sure I don’t leave anyone out, and I find the perfect item to wrap up with a bow and put under the tree. Every year, without fail, there’s always that one last finishing touch, or small gift for someone that in my hustle and bustle of the season I have left off my list.

Thanks to Greetabl, making sure I send out all of my little thoughtful gifts will be the least of my worries this year! I was introduced to this new company a couple of months back, and my initial reaction was “this is the cutest thing, EVER!” Here’s how it works:

Step #1: Select a beautifully designed box to have them wrap your gift in. There are tons of options for every occasion – this one is the Aster print box! Next, select what goes inside. The options are endless, from caramels, to eye masks, candles, and tea, there is sure to be something for everyone you love! Top the box off with a sprinkle of confetti, and you’re ready to really make the box special in step #2.

Step #2: Add photos and a personal message. This aspect of the box is truly unique – it makes gifting so personal! Simply select which photos you’d like to include (they easily tear out and serve as little keepsakes), and write your personalized message. A gift, card, and box all in one? Amazing!

Step #3: Now you’re all set to send a loved one a special and personalized gift! Greetabl handles the wrapping and shipping for you – talk about hassle free during the busiest time of year!

I’m so excited to send these out to my loved ones this year! With a wide variety of prices of gifts, it makes it easy to shop for everyone on my list not only during the holidays, but also to send little thoughtful things throughout the year.

Head over to Greetabl here to start building your own boxes and get a head start on your holiday shopping!

Photos by Ryan Sides


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*This post was written in collaboration with Greetabl. All thoughts and opinions are my own.