Full Skirts

full skirts

Ever since I purchased this skirt, I have been obsessed with fit and flare skirts. It seems like a no brainer that a skirt tailored at the waste line and flared at the bottom will make your waist look smaller and your lower half look perfectly proportioned, and yet somehow, I am just now jumping on the bandwagon. Although the skirt I purchased was a mini, I am excited about exploring this cut of skirt in a longer length as well. I can easily see a skirt this flattering becoming my new spring uniform, paired with a chunky sweater for now and a silk blouse in the springtime. 

1. Jolie Moi Midi Skirt ($47)

2. No. 21 Camel Full Skirt ($345)

3. Tibi Simona Jacquard Skirt ($395)

4. Satin Midi Skirt ($70)

5. Endless Rose Mini Skirt ($68)

6. Bubble Jacquard Midi Skirt ($96)

7. RED Valentino Flare Skirt ($450)

8. Alice + Oliva Stapen Box Pleat Skirt ($277)