Fall’s Essential Trends

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Though I’ve been pretending it’s fall since mid-August, tomorrow is the official start of the season and I couldn’t be more excited. With the turn of the leaves comes a much-anticipated change in my wardrobe. I’m looking forward to both re-discovering favorites from last year that have been tucked in the back of my closet and forgotten about, as well as embracing a few exciting new trends for fall. It’s one of my favorite times of  the year, and as a welcome into the season, I wanted to share my top five trends I’m most looking forward to.

No. 1 // Velvet

There’s a certain decadence to this season’s top trends that draws me in in a way no other season has done before. The first trend on that list is velvet – it’s already everywhere and I just can’t get enough of it! From velvet block-heeled booties to structured blazers and neckties, you can feel the trend’s presence in all aspects of fashion. Its richness adds an element of glamor to even the most simple of pieces.

No. 2 // Pops of Leopard

Though the leopard trend has been around for several seasons now, this is the first time I’m really looking forward to welcoming it into my day-to-day wardrobe. It’s felt a bit too “jungle-esque” in the past, but with the emphasis on daytime luxury this season, there’s no better time to incorporate something a little bit sassier into my everyday look. I’m excited about adding it to a look via a shoe or a belt (see No. 4), or even taking a risk by adding a leopard print overcoat to really make a statement.

No. 3 // Flirtatious Feathers

This was a major trend I saw from several designers during NYFW for Spring/Summer 2017, and after seeing the movement of the pieces first hand, I have to admit I’m ready to start embracing the trend now. There was something so exhilarating about the way the feathers flowed with every gesture and step that drew me into a look and made it such a mesmerizing piece. Done subtly and correctly, flaunting feathers this fall can bring a sensual opulence to your evening look.

No. 4 // Statement Belts

This is another trend that’s not necessarily new, but it’s something I’ve been hooked on recently and can’t wait to dive even further into during fall and winter. My recent obsession with this belt sparked the need to incorporate more oversized or statement belts into my wardrobe. It doesn’t hurt that they cinch in your waist and pull a look together in a heartbeat either! What’s not to love?

No. 5 // Luxury Military

We’ve seen the military trend be prevalent in previous seasons via the army jacket and olive green hues, but this year, it’s all about taking military to the next level. Keep the structured jackets and oversized gold buttons, but make it velvet instead of cargo, and covered in the most luxurious tapestry print instead of basic military-green. I’m completely obsessed with this blazer – especially when paired with another of my favorite fall trends – a velvet mini.

Photos by Ryan Sides