Fall Getaway Essentials

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If there’s one getaway I’ve mastered how to plan and pack for, it’s a weekend away at the cabin in the mountains. If you’ve been following for while, then you know it’s by far one of my most frequented locations. Whether it be a spur of the moment, “hey, let’s leave for the mountains tonight,” or a strategically scheduled trip to catch the best of the fall foliage, road tripping off to the mountains has become one of my favorite escapes from reality.

With autumn already well underway, I’m sure many of you have fall-themed trips of your own planned! So many vacations this time of year call for a super versatile suitcase – one that can take you from your morning latte, through your afternoon hike, and carry over to grabbing dinner before heading back to cozy up by the fire. I’ve rounded up a list of my top five fall escape essentials to make your getaway to the wilderness as seamless as possible!

No. 1 | Plaid Button-Down

This may seem like a cliché and obvious choice to toss into your suitcase, but it’s definitely a must have! My plaid button-downs are what I constantly reach for as a base of my wardrobe for the day. Choose ones that have warmer hues, like this burnt orange one or this burgundy plaid. It won’t be a coincidence that you’ll blend right in to the surrounding scenery.

No. 2 | Denim

Opt for a pair that is stretchy and comfortable, yet sleek and chic. Grab a dark rinse or black denim that can easily transition from day to night. I tend to gravitate towards a mid to high-rise style – that way you’ll be free to move about while out hiking or exploring, and won’t have to worry about keeping things covered up (if you catch my drift).

No. 3 | Cozy Sweater

Another obvious choice on the packing list, but selecting the perfect style isn’t as easy as one might think! Instead of choosing a trendy cropped or off-shoulder style, go for a lengthy tunic version and with crew or v-neck. The extra fabric will give you added versatility – the length will pair just as well with your denim during the day as it will with your leggings and knee socks for roasting marshmallows fireside. Choosing a sweater with either a crew or plunging v-neck line like this one also makes it the perfect layering pieces on top of your trusty plaid button-down.

No. 4 | Basic Tee

I joke about this one striped tee I have that it goes everywhere with me – but it literally does. There’s nothing special about it (in fact I think it’s about five years old and was $12 at Forever 21) but it’s probably the most worn item in my closet. I won’t go to the mountains without it! It’s the best piece to throw on in a hurry in the mornings to head out and grab a cup of coffee downtown. I’m in the wilderness after all – casual and no-fuss dressing is key. I’ve recently added this one to my tee collection, and it’s safe to say that it will probably be accompanying me on every trip from here on out.

No. 5 | Suede Jacket

My faux-suede biker jacket is new to my wardrobe this season, but it’s already a closet staple. This past weekend was its first outing to the mountains, and it proved to the be perfect outerwear piece to carry me through any occasion throughout the course of my getaway. It was rugged enough for our hike around the lake and stylish enough for our lunch at the town tavern. I used to insist on brining along several layering pieces – but do I really need five different jackets when just one will do the trick?

Photos by Ryan Sides