Easy Breezy

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Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and got to spend some time either outside in the sunshine or with loved ones! Although the first of spring happened a couple of weeks ago, it’s always at Easter that it officially feels appropriate to start dressing in my most spring-like and floral sundresses. I switched out my inspiration racks this weekend, and as I was pulling from my closet, I noticed one particular theme.

I have way more sundresses in white than any other color. By far! Something about them is just so easy to throw on. Maybe it’s because they go with just about everything, or maybe it’s because it instantly makes me feel more pulled together and lively, but I will always gravitate towards a sundress in white.

I saw this dress at Nordstrom last year, and debated getting it all summer. I guess you could say my guilt of only buying white dresses caught up to me, so I decided against it. I definitely regretted it and since have thought about how much I wish I had the dress! Needless to say, when Nordstrom brought it back again this season, I got it as soon as I could! It is the PERFECT white sundress. I love that it’s long enough to wear to work, but super breezy, and romantic enough for date night. It comes in a hot pink color too – it’s just such a flattering dress! I’m so happy to have gotten my hands on it this time around.

On a side note, I have a few exciting changes coming to the blog! Starting this week, you’ll notice more posts per week. We have so much fun creating content for you, and we’re so excited to announce that posts will now be happening 4-5 times per week. I’ll always be sure to let you know on Instagram when there’s a new post, or you can subscribe to my posts in the sidebar. There will be a new post every day through Friday this week, so be sure to come back tomorrow and see what’s up next!

Photos by Ryan Sides


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