DIY Hand Stamped Apple Wall

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One of the things on my bucket list for this winter was to create a statement wall somewhere in my house. I have a small, two-foot wide wall right inside my door, and thought it would be a great place to make a space that would make me happy. I’ve always loved the uniqueness of this wall – so I decided to incorporate it into my own home. Here’s a simple tutorial of how to paint your own statement wall.

Supplies you’ll need:

A sheet of at least 1/4″ to 1/2″ thick foam

Scissors or an x acto knife


Sample sizes of 3-4 paint colors and small paint brushes


Select an object for your stamp, and trace it onto a piece of thick foam. You’ll want to trace and cut out as many stamps as you have paint colors. photo-32


Select your paint colors – I used three shades of red for my apples, one green for the leaves.


Once all foam shapes are cut, turn them into stamps by supergluing to a square piece of foam. Let glue dry. After work station is prepped, paint a thin layer of your lightest shade on your first stamp.

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Press firmly onto wall, holding a few seconds. Some of the stamps may require a little additional touching up, but I avoided re-stamping it entirely. The partly-stamped, handmade look is what makes this wall so homey. 

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Continue process with your second and third shades of paint. Stamp randomly, but strategically. It is best to have a good mixture of overlapping, ones stamped close together, and then completely solo stamps. Keep in mind this project won’t look like anything until it’s finished (I was worried halfway through I had just made a huge mistake).


Once all colors of apples are stamped and dry, use your leaf stamp to sporadically apply leaves. I left some without leaves, did some with one, some with two.

photo 5-28It’s a little silly, and may remind me slightly of an elementary stamping project I did in the 90’s, but it adds some quirkiness to my otherwise cookie cutter apartment, and has made me smile every time I walk through my door.


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