DIY Gold Leaf Artwork


I just recently finished unpacking the few lingering boxes that were taking up my desk space. Once I got my desk uncluttered and set up, the end result was much less appealing than I was hoping. Though I’ve barely hung anything in my house (except for this and this), the little wall behind my desk suddenly took priority. It was a small space that needed something extra special, and when I saw this tutorial online, I knew that it would be just enough glamour to get me to sit and work at my desk. Here’s how you can create your own gold-leaf art at home.


Blank canvas (size of your choice)

Gold leaves + gold leaf adhesive

Small paintbrushes


With gold leaf adhesive, paint shape/object onto canvas. If shape is more complicated, print, cut out, and trace a stencil onto canvas. Allow to dry until adhesive is tacky. Cover with gold leaf sheets (works best if you wear gloves), press onto canvas gently.

photo 1-115

Use a dry paintbrush to gently push away excess gold leaf. Edges will be rough, apply a bit more pressure for sharper lines. Some gold will come off that was supposed to stay – either touch up small areas or leave for a more ‘hand-crafted’ look.

photo 2-121

Once completely dry, whip down gently to get off all excess gold. Hang and enjoy.

photo 3-97photo 4-77


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