Desert Days

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Where to even start! If feels like it’s been ages since I’ve been present here on the blog, though in reality it’s only been a week. So much has happened this past week that I’ve been dying to share with all of you though, and it’s made the days go by even longer. If you’ve been following along on Instagram you’ve seen several sneak peeks of content coming up on the blog we shot while in California.

This trip was so jam-packed with so many things to do. Prior to leaving for the trip, I had planned on blogging as close to real time as possible while on the trip. However, once I got there (and realized how spotty of cell and internet service I had), I realized it was a good opportunity to “shut off” for a little while, and truly soak in the experience. But, not to worry! Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing every little detail of my trip to California, which included Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs, a day trip into Mexico, and Joshua Tree National Park.

So without further adieu, let’s get started! One of the highlights of our trip was our drive out to Palm Springs from San Diego. Despite the longer drive, we decided to take the scenic route though Palm Springs Desert. I think we pulled over about 20 different times to stop and take photos! We shot this dress and adorable Rebecca Minkoff bag somewhere along the side of the road.

I don’t know that I was prepared for how blazing hot it would be, but being lost in the middle of the desert in the heat made us feel like we had escaped to a completely different world. It was a bit surreal walking through the cacti with no one else in sight (and also being on constant look out for rattlesnakes and mountain lions!). The views were unlike I had ever seen before. I could have sat on that rock for hours taking it all in, if only it weren’t almost 200 degrees!

The rolling mountains and hills seemed to extend on forever, with no end or person in sight. Around every curve of the mountain laid another perfect, picturesque view. It was so fun to watch the terrain gradually change as we made our way through the desert, though I think this location was easily one of my favorites. The view in combination with all the of the different shrubbery was more magical than I ever could have imagined.

Photos by Ryan Sides